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History & Achievements: I have loved drawing and painting since my early age. I began with abstract paintings on our white canvas apartment walls during my toddle years and in elementary school, my crayon drawings would make it on the hallway billboards. My teacher, Ms. Dibble, chose me as one of two students to be awarded a Louisville Visual Arts Association (LVAA) Children’s Fine Art Classes scholarship to attend weekly art classes. From fourth grade on, I have been attending those classes every year, and have improved greatly as an artist. Even now, I visit with a local artist to learn new skills, and continue painting and drawing inside and out of my art classes.

I have been able to take situations and individual stories of people and translate them to art. I won the first prize for the State of Kentucky in the 2014 Martin Luther King Arts Contest. I was even able to take the challenges faced by my aunt who has been battling cancer and turn it to art for the 2014 Gilda’s Art Contest, winning third place.

In the eighth grade, I was privileged to earn the People’s Choice Award at the closing public gallery of LVAA for my oil pastel violin drawing. My prize was a scholarship to attend LVAA’s 2-week stop-motion video summer camp, where I had opportunity to experience a totally new art form. I was so fascinated that, in later years, I decided to create several educational videos in combination with my drawing art skills and entered them into many video contests. This year, in association with my friend, I won the first Physics video animation contest conducted by Open Source High. The following months, I entered each contest and won a placement in every contest. The biggest achievement by far was my placement as one of the semifinalists out of about 7000 entries in Khan Academy’s International Junior Breakthrough Challenge Video Contest of 2015. The Jefferson County Board of Education recognized my achievements. This year, I was also selected one of the Regional Winner of the 2016 Toyota's Teendrive365 video contest.

My main goal in the future is to work with children in the medical field and help my talent in art therapy. I believe that God has blessed me with a gift in art. I am very thankful to my parents for encouraging me to develop my talent and to all my mentors, teachers and friends who support me.


Oil Pestel Violin Drawing

Won People’s Choice Award at the closing public gallery of Louisville Visual Art Association


My first water color drawing



Sea Shell Beach Drawing

One of my favorites!


Fruits Drawing

Displayed at the 2015 High School CFAC Reception


Dry Maple Left Pencil Drawing